Current version is 1.0.

Vica Virtual Vintage Camera Simulator
Welcome to Vica Camera
Vica Ponsh is a point and shoot vintage camera simulator made to celebrate the beauty of analog cameras' past.

Tap the trigger to take a photo.

Swiping the trigger button left or right switches between camera simulations.

I will regularily add a simulation based on a classic camera and film. All the cameras I base the simulations with are based on my actual use of the originals. Below you will also find some history on each original, often based on reviews I had written for The Raw Camera / Von Cam on .

The app is based on the photographic engine I developed for Camare, a multi-camera, multi settings camera simulator still in its infancy. So if you like it and want to help / sponsor the development of these apps, check

You might want to develop your photographic skills, and thus can also check 'Learning composition rules in photography', an article I wrote some time ago that might give you some technical inspiration in using this app.

Developed by a photographer for photographers: about the author or on Instagram.

Hope you will enjoy the app, and maybe go for some film photography too!

Cheers!! :)


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