Current version is 2.0.

Digital Paula Instant Camera Simulator
Welcome to Digital Paula
Digital Paula is a point and shoot instant camera simulator made to celebrate the beauty of analog cameras' past.

Choose the camera by tapping once.

Activate multicamera by tapping twice.

Reset to one by tapping three times.

Tap the trigger to take a photo.

This is the experimental app platform for the development of my other apps. So, sometimes it may be a bit unstable or the ergonomics a bit weird, but hopefully you will find it fun and creative.

Digital Paula uses the multiple creative filters and simulations from the Camare app. All the cameras I base the simulations with are based on my actual use of the originals. Below you will also find some history on each original, often based on reviews I had written for The Raw Camera / Von Cam on .

The app is based on the photographic engine I developed for Camare, a multi-camera, multi settings camera simulator still in its infancy. So if you like it and want to help / sponsor the development of these apps, check

You might want to develop your photographic skills, and thus can also check 'Learning composition rules in photography', an article I wrote some time ago that might give you some technical inspiration in using this app.

Developed by a photographer for photographers: about the author or on Instagram.

Hope you will enjoy the app, and maybe go for some film photography too!

Cheers!! :)


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