Digital Paula Vintage Camera Simulator
Welcome to the Digital Paula experimental photo app

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Digital Paula is a point-and-shoot instant camera simulator that randomly mixes creative filters and simulations included in my multi-camera pro app named Camare, a simulator with fine and complex settings.

This app will be the base of the new photographic engine in the future, used as a sandbox app for the development of the Camare app, but will also provide some experimental and other creative features early.

Left are the lenses to chose.

Trigger once takes a photo, twice a dual.

Press flash button to activate/deactivate, long-press for torch.

Swipe preselection to chose filters (up/down, double and long press).

Top button to review photos, then select and tap to reload or long press to export settings.

about update v2.5.x
  • v2.5.2 new interface to chose filters (insaturators et filmulators)
  • v2.5.1 new multi-angle engine enabling dualphotos by double-tapping trigger (on each side of the device in one shot)
  • various bug resolutions and enhancements
about update v2.4.x
  • 2.4.1 new creative filter / insaturator named "Crunneshy"
  • new creative filter / insaturator named "Karbad Bob"
  • 2.4 new creative filter / insaturator named "Gulbul" that creates variable tonal modifications
  • long press of "frame" button selects random frameskin, swipe left or right to select other in list
  • corrected "blubble" frameskin's top margin error
  • various bug resolutions and enhancements
about update v2.3
  • frameskin options (borders / frames) using central square button offering a total of 20 for more than 10'000 filter combinations as offered with the Camare Experimental Camera app photo engine
  • display of previous images bug resolved when saving multiple versions (QR + full)
  • info window only appears at startup for major new versions
  • various bug resolutions and enhancements
about update v2.2
  • new film simulation / filmulator named Kaddo Adav200 (total 20)
  • new creative filter / insaturator named Herate (total 26)
  • dual variators / sliders available now to modulate the meta parameters of insaturators and filmulators
about update v2.1-2.1.5
  • flash and torch lighting modes
  • QR code sharing of preset between compatible apps
  • new film simulation / filmulator named Ranedow Papire (total 19)
  • new creative filter / insaturator named Ondo (total 25)
  • app preference to save an unaltered copy of pictures taken
  • long-press of full-screen preview exports preset
  • reload preset from recent history
  • multiple creative filters / insaturators (total of 24)
  • multiple simulations / filmulators (total of 16)
  • new photo engine
  • save current photo roll in a single HD video file for archival

Digital Paula v2 has become the experimental preset generator for the Camare Creative Camera app.

Used either as a standalone photo app to speed-capture and use the full power of the custom image engine in a fast point-and-shoot style app or simply to create complex presets without having to go in the deeper and sometimes complex settings of Camare, this is an essential tool for any experimental photographer.

Each generated photo includes a QR code that will let you select and classify your favorite experimental settings as well as recall them either for use in this app or in the more complex pro-oriented Camare app.

You can now create an HD video of the current photo roll for archival une a single file of a whole experimental session (bottom right button - long press to empty photo history). Or to share.

Tired of having to rely on third-party external developments of filters and approaches to digital photography treatment, this app is based on the proprietary engine I developed for my personal experimental photographic works. Its multiple layer data-processing attempts to exacerbate digital characteristics of smartphone photography but also to enrich the image with the sensuality of analog processes.

Combining both creative filters (aka insaturators) and simulations (aka filmulators - including models for various substrates e.g. expired film, digital sensors, thermal printers, …) and mixed thanks to a home-developed software engine, the variations are virtually endless.

Hopefully this will open your creative horizons to discovering other digital-image-matter characteristics (matière numérique in French). Have fun!Developed by a photographer for photographers, I will regularly add simulations based on classic cameras and films but also on old digital cameras and sensors of interest.

You might want to develop your photographic skills, and thus can also check 'Learning composition rules in photography', an article I wrote some time ago that might give you some technical inspiration in using this app.

Developed by a photographer for photographers: about the author or on Instagram.

Or my work and portrait by Leica before the release of the magnificient SL2 in 2019, in German Die neue Leica SL2 wird auf Herz und Nieren geprüft : Tristan Zand or in French Le nouveau Leica SL2 poussé dans ses retranchements : Tristan Zand.

Hope you will enjoy the app, and maybe go for some film photography too!

Cheers!! :)