Camare the first pro multi-lens multiphoto app, a simple photo app that lets you take multi lens pictures in one shot.

about v1.0
  • 3 fast presets are available by swiping photo trigger button left or right
  • double tap and triple tap trigger to directly take pictures with presets 2 and 3
  • new reference overlays for the viewfinder (thirds, fourths, fifths, crosses)
  • new color theme choice for colorblind users (blue/yellow)
  • select the desired lenses
  • select the active viewfinder
  • save photos separately and / or in one multiphoto

Available lenses are on the left:
one tap selects the active viewfinder (green circle)
double tap to select multiple lenses (red background) that will be used to take pictures

Capture modes are on the right:
one tap to select - double tap to select both choices
single photos (one from each selected lens)
multi photo (all combined in one photo)

The camera will vibrate when all pictures have been taken.
The progress wheel will stop spinning when photographs are saved.

This is version 1 of the app, so sorry if there are glitches or weird user interface choices, it will get better with time. Cheers!!

You can always check the original app at the base of that project and which focuses on back-to-back and portal-plane social dualphotography Duall Photo.

And have fun! ;)

Take photos from both sides of your smartphone, from any lens, the subject and you capturing it at the same time!

© 2017 Camare